The Aerial Equipment 

The following list is the current line up as at March 2018. The DJI Phantom 4 Pro is a recognised industry leader for aerial work. Small enough to be easily portable and yet powerful enough to capture stunning raw images and 4k videos. 



DJI Phantom 4 Pro

The Phantom 4 Professional Drone with a 1" 20MP sensor and 4k 60FPS capability. All round sensors, 25 minute flight time per battery and dual operating frequencies. More than adequate for most jobs. 

p4p controller.jpg

DJI Phantom 4 Pro Controller

Working in partnership with the drone is the drone specific controller. With a designated Ipad Mini 4 the images from the drone's camera are transmitted back to the Pilot in Command to ensure the footage and angles required are captured. 

 Although the images come back as a live feed to the screen, visual line of sight with the drone must be kept by the Pilot in Command at all times.

p4p ipad.png

Ipad Mini 4 

Used solely for the purposes of flying the drone our Ipad Mini 4 gives the pilot the live screen with all the relevant data required to maintain a safe flight such as battery levels, GPS position, signal strengths, camera settings, flight modes etc. 

p4p polar pro.jpg

Polar Pro Filters

To ensure smooth video footage in all lighting conditions we use the market leading Polar Pro Filters when filming.

p4p battery.jpg


The drone will fly for approximately 25 minutes depending on flight requirements, temperatures and other contributing factors. We will carry a minimum of 3 batteries to site with us. These can be charged whilst on site but where required, additional batteries can be hired to increase filming times. 

These intelligent batteries work in conjunction with the drone and controller to inform the pilot in command of remaining flight times based on the drone's 'home point' allowing enough time to land safely before the battery level reaches a critical level.

p4p landing pad.jpg

Take off and landing Pad

The use of the take off and landing pad serves multiple purposes. When the ground is wet or uneven then it provides a dry and stable surface for controlled landings and take offs. 

The drone also has downward facing sensors and cameras that work in conjunction with the GPS system on board to help land accurately if the 'return to home function' is activated and the drone is landing automatically. 

p4p accessories.jpeg

The accessories 

Aside from the obvious kit there is a lot of 'extras' that help make up the package. These include high end sandisk micro SD cards, spare propellers, anemometer, laser distance measurement device, flight hood, carry cases, lipo bags... the list goes on! 

Aside from all the kit that goes out into the field there needs to be the kit and knowledge base back at the office to process all the images and footage. 

p4p pc.jpg

Liquid Cooled PC with 11gb Geforce GTX Video Card

Capturing 4k footage and being able to process it requires high end computing equipment. This liquid cooled PC delivers this with the industry leading GeForce GTX video card. This is married up to a 27" IPS 4K Ultra HD monitor that is calibrated using Spyderpro calibration software for accurate reproduction and enhancement. 

All the images and videos are stored to an external drive and then backed up to secure cloud storage.


Along with all of these items is the requirement to log all of our flights, maintain all the equipment, updating the latest firmware and software as well as re-apply each year for insurance and permission for commercial operations through the CAA. 

So when you look at the price list and you perhaps think that seems expensive for standing around for half an hour in a field, please consider all the other costs.