long exposure


Kimmeridge bay is a popular spot for all sorts of people, photographers being one of them. Saturday afternoon was no exception to the rule when I arrived around an hour before sunset to see photographers on most of the ledges that were currently exposed by the low tide. 

Once I found a ledge and brushed off the debris from fossil hunters it was a quick setup to try and find a composition that worked without including the other 'togs' that were there. Thankfully the recently replaced Manfrotto 055 tripod makes light work of the uneven surface and isn't afraid of getting its feet wet ;) That said, it doesn't like not being looked after if its been in the sea. The corrosion on my 6 month old one was a large factor on two of the clamps breaking apparently. Credit to #Manfrotto though as they replaced it after a few persuasive calls from me ;) 



One of the two clamps that were broken within 6 months 


Ready for action

Replaced and ready to get its feet wet for the first time

Along with the main camera setup I had the Gopro 5 setup for a timelapse of the sunset which also captures the tide rising up the ledge to good effect. The Gopro is setup on a sevenoak sk-ebh01  electronic panoramic ball head to help create this effect below.

Although the sunset wasn't anything special in terms of colours and clouds it was still nice to witness. K-Bay is a fav location for me and one that I haven't visited that much recently but will be on the list for more shots soon. 

Black and white long exposure capture just after sunset

Black and white long exposure capture just after sunset

Catching the light on the ledge 

Catching the light on the ledge 

Summary - KBay is a great place to visit if you're in the area. Watch out for the tides though, bits of the bay get cut off at high tide and beware of the cliffs.... while I was there, there were various small falls of rocks. All this recent rain will have loosened it up and it will get especially bad if we get this forecast'd cold snap (Beast from the East!) 

I'm off to Scotland next week with the cameras and drone so watch out for blog updates on that.