Sorry to say that the calendar has now sold out! Thanks to everyone that has bought one and thank you for the lovely feedback on them. 


So 2017 has been a busy year for me. Along with everything else I have undertaken the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) qualification that gives me Permission For Commercial Operations (Pfco) - What does this mean? Well, without it you are not allowed to gain commercial gain from any drone work. So basically this means that you can't sell any pictures etc from the drone. For me this was becoming an issue as I would often be asked if I would sell a picture but knew this was a no no. But good news for you that I now can sell these images. And for a taster of what's available, this years calendar is from 'Above and Around Dorset'.

Maybe next year will just be 'Above Dorset' - Lets see how the next 12 months or so go!

This year the calendar is wire bound A4 size, folding out to A3 size and all the images can be seen here 

Price is still £10 with P&P of £2.50 for Uk or collection from Swanage and I'll even deliver locally and say hello in person!

If you would like to order one (or more if required) then contact me HERE and let me know! 

Thanks for all the continued support