Weather forecasts

February 21, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I get that forecasting the weather is difficult so it wasn't a great surprise that when I left Swanage on Saturday morning expecting a bit of patchy high cloud cover that I was in fact greeted by mist and fog! Not to be put off I carried on and got to my destination of Lulworth Cove in good time. The place I wanted to get to is called Stair Hole - Its just to the west of Lulworth and just a little walk up the hill (a very slippery and muddy hill though!) Once on top it was clear that the weather wasn't going to be playing ball with my intentions but having made the effort to get there I wasn't about to turn on my heels and walk back with out something.

Bit bleak to start with! So I setup the kit having secured Dakota on her lead to a stake and waited for something to happen... and waited....and waited before finally a little bit of colour started to emerge. As this happened though so did the start of the mist rolling in from the village and over the cove. Some quick wiping of the filters to clear them of all the moisture now quickly covering them and this was the capture.

Atmospheric Stair Hole

Not what I had set out for but some lovely atmosphere to it none the less. Glad I didn't walk away from it as you just never know what might happen. 

On the way back the fog was thick all around so a quick detour up the hill at Kingston and I was above it - change of lens to the 70-200mm with a 2x convertor on and this was my reward as the fog now started to clear :) 



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